Thunderbird 2 mail settings

If you already have completed the Account Wizard, continue with Account Settings.
To configure a new mail account, start the Account Wizard (will start automatically the first time Thunderbird is launched) from the "Add account.."-button in Account Settings.

Choose Email account.


Your identity consists of the name you want to show as the sender of your email, and your email address.


The server type is IMAP, and both incoming and outgoing servers are


Incoming user name should be your primary email address (not an alias).


You can name the account anything you want, it will only show up with this name in the Thunderbird folder list.


After completing the wizard, Thunderbird will try to connect. This will fail, since we have not enabled secured connections yet.

To do this, go to Account Settings

The main view of your account should look something like this.


Choose Server Settings on the left, and make sure you change the Security Settings to SSL (without secure authentication). It is also a good idea to check at least "Clean up Inbox on Exit".


We still need to change the settings for outgoing mail. Select in the list and click "Edit...".


The description can be anything, it is just informational. Here comes the tricky part:
"Use name and password" must be checked, and your primary email address used as user name (this is the default).
Select "TLS" for secure connection
Last but not least, Port can be either 25 or 465. Most Internet Service Providers in Finland are blocking outgoing port 25 (to prevent zombie computers sending out spam). To be on the safe side, choose 465 unless you know for sure that 25 is OK.

Now you can try receiving mail again.

You might be presented with a security warning like this. Selecting "Accept this certificate permanently" will prevent it from showing up every time you connect. The reason for this security warning is, that the certificate is not issued by a "trusted" company, like Verisign, to verify the organization identity, but is only meant for securing the communications between your mail client and our server.


When connecting to the mail box, Thunderbird will ask for your password. If you want this password to be stored, just check "Use Password Manager to remember this password.".


When sending your first mail, Thunderbird will ask for your password once more (for the outgoing server).

Now everything should be set up correctly, and you can receive and send mail.