New service: Zimbra for small businesses

 We are piloting Zimbra as a replacement to Microsoft Exchange for small businesses.

Top features include:

  • Email
  • Address book
  • Calendar with tasks
  • File management including versioning

To make this suitable for businesses, everything is accessible via the web interface, as well as using the offline capable desktop client (Windows, Linux and Mac compatible). Email, address book, calendar and tasks can also be syncronized to mobile devices that support ActiveSync, and "normal" IMAPv4 access to you mail is naturally available.

To make it all even more useful, you can share whatever information you want within the organization, and also read-only with anyone you want.

For more information, contact us.

Zimbra Screenshots

Zimbra desktop client calendar

Zimbra desktop client contacts

Zimbra desktop client briefcase

Zimbra contacts on Android


P.S. The desktop client is available at