Service hiccup 2014-11-05

 One of our servers failed to correctly reboot after routine maintenance during the night. Most services should now be recovered, and the rest are expected to be up again soon.

Maintenance Wed May 15th

There will be some maintenance going on at one datacenter on Wednesday May 15th, so a few short service outages are expected. This mostly affects mail services, but also some web sites.

New service: Zimbra for small businesses

 We are piloting Zimbra as a replacement to Microsoft Exchange for small businesses.

Top features include:

  • Email
  • Address book
  • Calendar with tasks
  • File management including versioning

Updated web pages and tools

Changed content management system to Drupal 7. The service center is now also embedded for added convenience (check the "Tools" menu).

MySQL server changes

The MySQL server is now actually several servers, of which some are so called master servers that can accept writes, and some are read-only replicating servers. To get all benefits from this setup, you can connect to for read-only queries, and for insert/update queries. This will balance read operations over all available servers, and make sure writes go to the current master server.

Web- and mail certificated updated, CMS changed to Drupal.

The certificated for both web- and mail servers have been updated. The CA should be the same, so if the CA-certificate was already marked as trusted, the change should be invisible.

The bigger change is that these pages are now served by Drupal 6 instead of Joomla. If something is not working as expected, don't hesitate to contact us.

Ruby on rails hosting

In addition to PHP (including Drupal CMS) hosting, it is now also possible to use Ruby on Rails. The framework is enabled by default for all users, but might require some changes in the Apache config or .htaccess files.


Switching content management to Drupal 6

Beta testing Drupal 6 for CMS...

Slowly getting the layout and functionality together.

Hard disk crash 19.2.2009

Due to a hard disk problem at our service provider, hosting services (both web and mail) were mostly unavailable 19-22.2.2009. Most broken files should now be restored from backups, but if you find something is not working as expected, please contact our helpdesk. We apologize for the inconvenience.

New web page

New Yone web pages published. The layout is still a bit unpolished, and content is still being added.

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